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Feature for Geeks

Unleash your inner geek, and create beautiful custom template for your slider, with our ease and robust API system

to Customize

Sangar Slider is already easy to customize even without touching your code! With drag-and-drop and a staggering number of animation features, you can customize your slider with just a few clicks.


Sangar Slider's easy template and API system is a big win for devs. You can create almost anything with your slider template. The only limitation is your imagination.


You can create your very own custom template. With the template system, extensive API and documentation, you can transform your WordPress sliders into almost anything that you want!

Available Templates

We provided many templates as your starting point. It's ready to use, and you can even create your own template using our API system!

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Sample Preset

These hand-crafted themes were created as default themes, and they are ready to use. Create your very own beautiful themes using our API system.

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The FREE and Lite WordPress version of Sangar Slider


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The Professional WordPress version of Sangar Slider with all features included

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Version Comparison

FeatureSangar Slider FreeSangar Slider Pro
Fast and smooth Animation
Support wide range of slide content
Ultra Responsive
API system
Easy to use
Post Slider
Product Slider*
10 Template, 20 preset, 90 theme
Individual Slide Timer Duration
Preset System
Layer Editor
Layered Video And Popup Video
Complete and advance Options
No ads
40 + Read More button themes.DownloadLearn More