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WordPress Free

The FREE and Lite WordPress version of Sangar Slider


WordPress Pro

The Professional WordPress version of Sangar Slider with all features included

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Version Comparison

FeatureSangar Slider FreeSangar Slider Pro
Fast and smooth Animation
Support wide range of slide content
Ultra Responsive
API system
Easy to use
Post Slider
Product Slider*
10 Template, 20 preset, 90 theme
Individual Slide Timer Duration
Preset System
Layer Editor
Layered Video And Popup Video
Complete and advance Options
No ads
40 + Read More button themes.DownloadLearn More

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

No, it doesn't. Sangar Slider only works on self-hosted WordPress.
Sangar Slider requires at least WordPress 3.8, PHP version 5.3.x (or greater) and a modern web browser. We do not support IE8 or below.
With premium license, you will get all free features with these additional features :
  1. 12 Templates
  2. Preset System
  3. Developer API
  4. No ads
Yes! Upgrading Sangar Slider is very easy.
Yes! Sangar Slider works with WordPress MultiSite.
Sure! You can use Master license. FYI, we also create API system for this purpose. So you can create your spesific and very own slider template for your theme.
  1. Drag-and-drop layer editor
  2. WYSIWYG layer editor
  3. 12 premium templates
  4. Robust API system
  5. Animation preview on editor
  6. Grid preview on editor
  7. Support many slide content
  8. Fluid and smooth animation
  9. Mobile friendly customization
  10. Advance options
  11. Easy to use
  12. Proffesional Support
Currently, we offer 4 licenses. Personal, Multi, Developer and Master. All licenses purchase gives you access to one year of updates and support. Only Developer license which get personal/one-to-one support. You can continue to use the plugin with an expired license, but no updates or support will be provided.
Currently we receive payment through secured PayPal gateway. You can use your PayPal account or Credit Card to make payment through that gateway.
We are using one of the most secured gateway for receiving payments. PayPal is world recognized and safest payment gateway.
We’ll happily offer 100% refund within 7 days. But we very encourage to open an support thread first before asking for refund.

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